Regular maintenance of your septic system can help prevent larger, more costly problems, just like changing the oil in your car. When a system fails, there is the potential of having raw sewage backing up into the house or the yard.

When your leach lines fail, not only is there a substantial cost in replacing the leach system, but also the potential damage to existing landscaping.

There are ways you can help keep your system in good working order in between pumping. Remember that everything you flush and put down the drains goes into the septic tank. Conserve water. Repair any leaky faucets and toilets. A constant drip going in to your septic system will oversaturate your leach lines and cause premature replacement of your fields.

If you have a garbage disposal, use it as it was intended, not a garbage can. Use of a garbage disposal can significantly increase the amount of sludge and scum that accumulates in your tank causing you to have the septic tank pumped more frequently to prevent a failure. See our Tips page for more Do’s and Don’ts of your septic system.

Maintenance Schedules

In some cases it is beneficial to be on a routine maintenance schedule to prevent any failures of the system. We have an online data base that keeps track of your septic service for you. At Domenic’s Septic Service, Inc. as a service to our customers, we send out a courtesy reminder that it is time to have your septic systems inspected and pumped if necessary. Regular maintenance of the system can help detect any future problems.

Residential Properties

Butte County Environmental Health recommends having your septic system inspected and pumped if necessary every 3-7 years. This depends on the number of people in the home, how much water is being used, and if there is a garbage disposal in use. The maintenance of your septic system is very much like the maintenance of a vehicle. It is more cost effective to keep up with the maintenance rather than fixing a much larger problem. Domenic’s Septic Service, Inc. is not trying to get into wallet, we are trying to save you money. Regular maintenance of the system can help detect any future problems.

Commercial Properties

Many commercial properties find it much easier to have a regular maintenance schedule. These schedules can range from quarterly, bi-annually, annually or to a specific time frame that suits the needs of the company. Regular maintenance of the system can help detect any future problems. With our online database we will know when it is time for your service and call to schedule the appointment with you.

Pump System Maintenance

A pre-treatment or pump system needs to be maintained on a more frequent basis. It is necessary to check the floats, filters and pumps to ensure that you are not pumping sludge out in to your leach fields and causing potential premature failure to your system. Pump systems are equipped with an alarm and should that alarm go off you should call us right away.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I recently had major problems with my septic system and contacted Domenic’s Septic. Over a six week span of time I had them out three times. Each time the office staff, the men on the truck and the owner were just super. I was so upset and each time they treated me with such care and kindness and worked with me to get my system back up and functioning. I would recommend this company without reservation.  Hopefully, I am good for several years but if something happens to my system Domenic’s will be the company I call.”

Barbara McQuiston